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Food Photography

We have several new food photography projects being completed from clients all over New Hampshire as well as national name brand clients.

Video Production

From broadcast television commercials to creative short films, we are constantly pushing out new films and videos for commercial clients around New Hampshire as well as all over New England.

Creating moments clients will never forget.

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Video Production

We specialize in professional commercial video productions, producing broadcast television commercials for clients such as Loon Mountain, Fright Kingdom, Crush Pizza, and Crotched Mountain.  We produce videos for corporate and higher education clients as well, including several video production pieces for Southern New Hampshire University. As a small studio, we have the unique ability to work more efficiently on clients video production projects, meeting shorter deadlines, tighter budgets, but still maintaining the same quality and high production values of larger Boston based video production companies.

Commercial & Food Photography

Our focus is food photography and commercial photography, and this allows us to specialize in these areas.  With a background as a professional chef, Earl Studios owner Jeremy Earl Mayhew has a unique ability to understand the nature of food photography as someone who has worked with food half his life.  Working with food photography clients such as Tuscan Brands, Hancock Gourmet Lobster, Stonyfield Yogurt, and Fredericks Pastries, we have provided food photography to some of the largest and most well known brands in New Hampshire and New England.



On location.  In studio. Across the country.
Being small means being flexible.

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I have nothing clever to say here.

I just love purple cupcakes.

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Proper Planning makes perfection possible.

(you’re just staring at the doughnuts, aren’t you?)

Behind the Scenes


Taking to the Skies, DJI Phantom 2 – NH Aerial Videography : NH Commercial Videography

I’ve built Earl Studios on some basic principles, one of them being patience with new video production technologies.  Being a small business, investment in new equipment is a risky gamble, and so decisions have to be made over time after the market has had a chance to bang on them and break them. We started […]

Iphone 5s Videography – NH Video Production

We recently upgraded our business phones to the new iPhone 5s and have been eagerly playing around with the new filmmaking and videography capabilities of the phones.  Now I’m sure your reading this and asking yourself “How can a small business afford such a expensive new phone?!”.  We pride ourselves on being pretty fiscally responsible […]

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”.
I stole this quote from Steve Jobs.

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