Eat Local : Shortys Grill Bedford NH – NH Food Photographer

Eat Local : Shortys Grill Bedford NH – NH Food Photographer

Its no secret that I LOVE Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse.  I’ve been going there for almost 15 years, ever since that first time I took my true love in for a first date over fried ice cream.  It has been a staple in my life, and one of those places that brings back memories of a simpler time in my life, when I could eat four burritos and not gain a pound :-).

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So when I heard that they were opening up a new location in Bedford NH I was the first in line to get in to enjoy the new menu.  The first thing that just blew me away from the moment I walked in was the new dining room, its warm, open, inviting, with a wall of huge windows looking out.  It feels casual but has such a old soul personality feel to it.  For a restaurant that has just opened, it had the flow and staff of a place that has been around for a long time.  From the incredibly friendly hostess, all the way to our knowledgeable and attentive waitress, Shorty’s Grill just does everything right.

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Now what can I say about the food….how much time do you have?  Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse is known for it’s amazing food, Shorty’s Grill is building on that with some new additions such as steaks, pizzas, and other items that really offer a variety to the guest.  The espinaca dip is A-MAZING!.   The flavor was spot on, just the right amount of kick and smooth texture, and the homemade chips were crisp and warm, it is almost a meal in itself.  The burritos are enormous and packed with so much flavor, but the hidden treat really is the rice, which normally is a background player, but takes center stage at Shorty’s Grill.

Shorty’s Grill is destined to be one of the most popular restaurants in NH without a doubt, from the incredible food, amazing staff, and value for the budget conscious.  If you haven’t been to Shorty’s Grill in Bedford NH, do yourself a favor and make plans to enjoy a meal there soon.  Everyone deserves to have an amazing dining experience, and Shorty’s Grill will be that and more.

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