In The Kitchen, a First Attempt at Bread – NH Food Photographer

In The Kitchen, a First Attempt at Bread – NH Food Photographer

I have always loved food.  I know alot of people say that, food, food blogs, and taking photos of your food is very “in” now, but food was a love of mine since I was a kid.  I still tell people the story of making fried rice on my stove at home, standing on a chair to reach the wok.  Cooking has always been a bit therapeutic for me, and with the success of this little food photography studio defiantly comes a little stress, so I’ve decided to get back into the kitchen some more to do what I love to do, and that’s cook.

nh food photographer earl studios photography bread

My mother has always baked homemade breads, and my grandmother before her.  She would lather the slices of toasted bread up with so much butter you would think it was frosting!  Oh Grammy, I miss you.  So lately I’ve been taking my time and getting some bread recipes down.  One of my favorite clients, Tuscan Kitchen, makes the most amazing focaccia and chibatta bread I’ve ever had, tough standards to try to meet for sure.  I’ve been working on chibatta recipess from King Arthur Flour as well as a few I’ve found on the internet.  I have the biga part down, the only thing I never seem to be able to nail is the size of the holes, I want those giant huge holes, but every time I seem to come up short.

nh food photographer earl studios photography bread

Despite the set backs and issue, I keep on baking, because in the end, its great home made food.  Being a father of two children, I worry about what they eat, and less and less I find myself buying food from the grocery store and more and more I buy “ingredients” to make those foods myself, that way I know what they are eating.  Plus, these all make for great models for my food photography.

Bake on freinds!

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