Powder Day Photoshoot @ Crotched Mountain – NH Ski Photographer

Powder Day Photoshoot @ Crotched Mountain – NH Ski Photographer

Anyone that knows me, knows that once the temperature drops and the snow comes, my life centers around one thing…skiing. But not just any skiing, skiing at Crotched Mountain. Now, with all the ski mountains in New Hampshire, why is Crotched Mountain my favorite ski mountain, and the place I call home? It started about 3 years ago, when my son first started skiing lessons. As a divorced dad, my time with my children is far less than what I would want, so I always try to take every opportunity to be with my kids more, and when my son started his ski lessons as part of his school, so did I. At 37 years old, I decided to learn to ski. Crotched Mountain is where I learned, as that is where my son learned as well. From that first lesson learning to ski, Crotched Mountain become a special place to me, it taught me that no matter my age, I could take on new challenges, and do things I had never thought of trying before.

nh sports ski photographer earl studios crotched mountain

Being a photographer and filmmaker, it wasn’t long before I brought my camera with me skiing a few times, and long story short, the great people at crotched mountain liked my photos enough to ask me to shoot a few for them. Two years later, and I like to consider myself the official photographer for Crotched Mountain. My photos can be seen on their website, their brochures, and their magazine ads. Last year was an amazing year at Crotched Mountain with record snowfalls, incredible events, and endless opportunities to get great photos. This year, well, this year has been a bit of a challenge weather wise. So when we finally did get our first substantial snowfall of the season, there was only one thing to do, and that’s a Powder Day Photoshoot.

nh sports ski photographer earl studios crotched mountain

“Powder” as we call it, is the beautiful soft fluffy snow that falls deep and sweet. I prefer the term “PowPow”, its more fun to say. But nothing is more beautiful, more ethereal, more dreamy than a skier or rider flowing through the powder, with it crashing up around them like the waves on the beach. Powder photos are the most beautiful photos of all, and its like a gift to be able to shoot some amazing riders and skiers flowing through it, and that’s the opportunity I got this past week. Thanks to the amazing, incredible, talented, and creative marketing director Chris Hudnor, or “Chud” as he’s know, we amassed a team of amazing (and quite attractive) riders and skiers to shoot some powder photos, both on the trails, and through the glades. The results were, well, perfect. Not so much because of my skill as a photographer, but thanks to their skill as riders, because they do all the work, I just stand there and press the shutter.

Every time I put on my skis and get on that chair lift, I am beyond grateful for the memories I make there at Crotched Mountain and for the great opportunity that I am given to work for Crotched Mountain as their photographer. No matter how long I get that opportunity, it will always be something I am grateful for, because it is an amazing place, with amazing people, and by working with them…well, maybe I get to be a little amazing too.

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