Filming For Loon Mountains Epic “Brand Film” – Ski Videography – NH Video

Filming For Loon Mountains Epic “Brand Film” – Ski Videography – NH Video

It wasn’t but a few years ago I got that magical call one day, “Hey, this is Kevin from Loon Mountain….”, and since then we’ve been working with one of the biggest ski mountains in New England on the videos and commercials all year round.  This year we are undertaking a huge project, and one I couldn’t be more excited about, we are producing their “Brand Video”.

Getting those pretty "lifestyle" shots - NH Ski Video

Getting those pretty “lifestyle” shots – NH Ski Video

What is a “Brand Video” you ask?  Good question.  Basically it is a short, cinematic, Hollywood film that condenses down the essence of the brand into highly stylized, beautiful, breathtaking images that make you FEEL the brand, all the way from your seat at home.  It drips with emotion, excitement, and communicates the feeling of the experience through heavily preplanned and organized shoots.

Sending the group, backlight, FS100 - NH Ski Video

Sending the group, backlight, FS100 – NH Ski Video


This one film is going to push our work so far forward, because its challenging us to do things in ski videography that we haven’t done before.  High speed videography, astrophotography, extensive preproduction and preplanning, all of these aspects of video production are things we’ve always wanted to take the time to utilize for our clients, and finally, thanks to the amazing team at Loon Mountain, we have the opportunity to show all those other mountains what this little studio of one can do.

Astro Timelapse Video - NH Ski Video

Astro Timelapse Video – NH Ski Video

We have already wrapped some astrotimelapse video shoots, capturing overnight shots on the mountain.  This was my first time shooting astrotimelapse like this, and I was running about 4 cameras, in 0 degree temps, sleeping for an hour, then checking batteries, then sleeping again.  I’m very excited with the results, and clearly watching all those Vincent Laforet tutorials paid off.

There are alot of challenges to ski videography, weather being the biggest obstical, the cold, the unpredictability of the snow and sun, getting exposure on a giant white background, these rank up there too.  But the biggest challenge that I have encountered in producing ski videos is finding models.  Skiing for video is an art form, and not only do you need attractive models, but they have to have good, bright outfits, they need to have constant huge smiles, and most importantly, they need to be available.  There is no “” where you can find them, so its alot of who you know, and Loon Mountain knows some of the best ski models I’ve ever shot.

GO Pro Hero 4 120fps shots - NH Ski Video

GO Pro Hero 4 120fps shots – NH Ski Video

For this last shoot, we kept things straight forward.  We were lucky enough to get on the hill at 8, before the slopes opened, that way we could get some low corduroy shots, skiing down, hiking back up.  We moved over the mountain, getting footage, action and lifestyle.  The models where outstanding, not only are the great athletes, but they have that upbeat, high energy that comes across in the films.   Every shot with them was a keeper, and if it was 1983, I’d put them all in the Rolodex.

I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.  Loon Mountain has continually put its faith in us to deliver films that are beyond what you would expect from a small studio of one, and every opportunity they give us pushes us to grown and do new things.  They are less like a client, and more like a home away from home.

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