Testive Web Videos – NH Video Production : Boston Higher Education Video

Testive Web Videos – NH Video Production : Boston Higher Education Video

Its always and exciting opportunity when not only do you get to work with a prominent start up higher education company in Boston, but they also present you a concept that is a creative take on a video production project that you haven’t had the opportunity to do before.  With our latest work with Testive  we got to do just that, produce a series of online video to help promote and explain the company, but in a fun creative new way.

The shoot took place in the company’s downtown Boston location and to make best use of everyones time we decided it would be best to work from central location, the company’s large conference room.  We did run into a small challenge, that being the large meeting table that took up most of the room, was bolted to the floor and we could not move it.  But being the resourceful person I am, we found a way to setup the seamless background, lights, and camera in a small corner of the room.  Luckily we were only shooting from the chest up, because if you could see any lower, you would see the giant meeting table coming right up next to our subject.  Every great shoot has its challenges right?

The creative concept of the videos was to have the four separate subjects on a solid background, speaking to camera, with a mix of on camera talent and motion graphics, to tell the short 1 min or so story that each speaker was to deliver.  We then intercut separate footage we shot or was gathered via a screen capture of the companies software.

I’m very excited with the final results of the project.  We basically shot what appears to be a big studio production in the corner of a meeting room, and did it on a budget that works within our small company mission.  I love the look of the videos and hopefully as more clients see this series, we get an opportunity to broaden our work in this area and try more projects like this.

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