Recent Gear Upgrade, Phantom 4 : NH Drone Videography

Recent Gear Upgrade, Phantom 4 : NH Drone Videography

To our credit, we got in the drone videography game early years ago with the Phantom 2 and used it extensively for both commercial and creative projects. We loved utilizing it in as many creative video production situations as possible, because it was one more tool that allowed us as a small video production studio of one, to create amazing visuals that you would have to go to large video production studios to get.

With the changes to the commercial use of drones by the FAA we made the decision that it was the right time to upgrade our drone and reinvest in this creative possibility. With that we purchased a new Phantom 4 drone because of its increased creative possibilities but also because of the new safety technology that is involved. Earl Studios Creative Director Jeremy Earl Mayhew is currently going through the pilot certificate program with completion expected by the end of the month and we’ll be rolling this out for all projects going forward

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I'm Jeremy Earl Mayhew, the owner and creative director of Earl Studios. The "Studios" represents both my love of film making but also my ability to accomplish all aspects of film making, from script writing, directing, cinematography through to editing. I am a studio of one.

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