Client Study – Drive Custom Fit : NH Video Production

Client Study – Drive Custom Fit : NH Video Production

Who is Drive Custom Fit?

Drive is not “a gym”, that’s one of the most important distinctions that makes them unique in the fitness world.  “We’re not a gym, we’re Drive” is a slogan repeated often by not only the owners, but the members as well.  In an environment where most people wear headphones and train alone, Drive brings its members together through large community group workouts, where a sense of camaraderie gives you the motivation to not only get through a grueling workout, but makes you look forward to the next one.  Its this sense of camaraderie, a sense of family, that makes Drive unique, and is the foundation point for any video I produce for them.

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Their Video Production Needs

There is alot going on at Drive Custom Fit, so producing one two minute video every six months wont get the job done.  They have hot yoga, personal training, max shred, elite-z, big classes, small classes, nutritionists, celebrities, protein shakes, espressos, the list goes on and on.  What drive needed was alot of high energy and timely videos, shot organically and candidly, but with a level of production value that matched their high quality brand.  The classes and workouts are high energy and packed, so shooting fast and staying out of the way is critical, so being a small one man studio is perfect for their video marketing needs.

What makes Drive Custom Fit a Great Client

What makes Drive a great company is the same thing that makes them one of my favorite clients, and that is their sense of camaraderie.  It not only extends to the members but also to me as well.  When I walk in there, the positive energy is infectious, the members and the staff are always excited for a shoot day, and I’m surrounded by people who love being in front of the camera.  Its a videographers paradise, well lit spaces, creative environments, and I’m getting to film beautiful, athletic people who WANT to be on camera.  The only regret I have is that I don’t live closer, because I would absolutely make it my home gym as well.

Future Projects

My business model is built on working with clients on an ongoing basis.  This is one of the reasons I choose to work with newer and smaller companies, so that I can be instrumental in their marketing growth.  The concept of loyalty is one that was ingrained in me from my service in the US Army and its one that I’ve instilled in my business philosophy as well.  We have some exciting projects in the works and one of the ones I’m most excited about is a series of individual videos introducing the trainers and staff.  The personal stories and philosophy of these individuals is what makes the collective group so strong, so telling their stories is a powerful tool to help members and future members connect with the brand.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Drive Custom Fit,  they are an amazing group of people that allows me to do some incredible work.  I have the creative freedom to take their brand and communicate it visually through video, and that’s a responsibly I do not take lightly.  It comes from the loyalty part of my business model, I treat them not as a client, but as family, and their success is my success.

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