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New video series for Nashua Community College : NH Video Production

Last spring I received a call the marketing director at Nashua Community College, they were looking to produce a series of marketing videos for the college but wanted to go a different route than the big production crew that you associate with most college videos today. They reached out to Earl Studios because they were […]

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Aerial Videography 

Expanding the cinematic possibilities in your next video using creative shots only accessible from they sky.  Our aerial videography is done using a small quadcopter outfitted with a camera capable of getting 4k resolution video and is stabilized using a 3 axis gimbal, so no matter the conditions, your aerial videography shots will come out smooth and cinematic.

NH Video Production

From broadcast television commercials to creative short films, we are constantly pushing out new films and videos for commercial clients around New Hampshire as well as all over New England.