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Shooting “The Chefs Plate” in Burlington – NH Food Photographer

Submitted by earlstudios on Thu, 02/07/2013 – 18:21 This past week “The Chefs Plate” T.V. show headed down to Burlington, Mass to shoot our most recent episode, stopping to visit some amazing restaurants in the area.  Now, lets just address the elephant in the room shall we?  We all know that there are 2 other […]

Producing Food Videos for the Big Screen – NH Food Photographer : NH Videographer

For almost 2 years now, Earl Studios has been the official photographer for Chunkys Cinema Pub for all its locations, like Ron Burgendy said “Its kind of a big deal”.  A great deal of work was involved because their previous food photography was, well, dreadful.  It was one of those situations where a friend of […]