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Who We Are

  • I never know whether to write this in the first person or third person.  I am the owner and founder of Earl Studios.  I started this company back  in 1997 in my parents basement using a old 486 computer and dial up internet. It was a magical time.  I spent the first half of my professional career as a chef, so I have a love and passion for food.  A film nerd since I first saw Star Wars at the drive ins, I’ve spent more time behind a camera than anything else.  In college I started the Independent Filmmakers Guild, and spent time on stage acting in plays to build my understanding of what it takes to be on camera.  In the 12 seconds a year I’m not working, I can usually be found skiing or hunting “wobsta’s” on the beach.  But first, and foremast, before anything else….I am a father to two amazing children, and that more than anything, is my greatest achievement.

Video Production

Featured Work

Aerial Videography 

Expanding the cinematic possibilities in your next video using creative shots only accessible from they sky.  Our aerial videography is done using a small quadcopter outfitted with a camera capable of getting 4k resolution video and is stabilized using a 3 axis gimbal, so no matter the conditions, your aerial videography shots will come out smooth and cinematic.

NH Video Production

From broadcast television commercials to creative short films, we are constantly pushing out new films and videos for commercial clients around New Hampshire as well as all over New England.